Women Health

Women’s health is a critical aspect of medical science as there are numerous conditions that specifically affect women health. Consequently, these health conditions need special medical attention from the expert doctor to be resolved as and when these arise or before if possible.

The most common forms of women’s health issues are associated with the reproductive system. A woman can also be subjected to a number of endocrinal or hormonal issues. In fact, unruly hormonal problems can really turn a woman’s life upside down. It is for this reason that expert Doctor at Balhara Internal Medicine Associates gives particular importance to these health issues. Almost every woman goes through hormonal issues or problems relating to their reproductive system at some point in their lives. In such situations, they need a reliable medical expert with whom they can share their problems freely.

At Balhara Internal Medicine Associates, we clearly understand this need and make sure that our women patients have the best medical support as and when they need it. We offer complete women health examinations that take into consideration various aspects of hormone and blood health. If you are having a specific problem but not sure what it is, you can discuss it with our Doctor and he can offer you the best solutions.

We also offer a range of diagnostic tests, examinations and procedures that focus on issues related to pregnancy, cancer and STDs. At Balhara Internal Medicine Associates, we make sure that you have the best gynecological examination services when you are in need.

We also offer breast examination services to check whether you have developed any lumps that might indicate breast cancer. We also perform a pap smear test to check the presence of cervical cancer. At our clinic we also offer Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which usually a combination of treatment with estrogen and progestin with the aim of alleviating menopausal symptoms or osteoporosis.

So do not hesitate to make an appointment with us by calling us and we will provide you with the most reliable medical support here at Balhara Internal Medicine Associates.

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