Disease Prevention

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is necessary that diseases and life threatening conditions should be detected at the earliest instance so that they can be prevented. Regular checkups form an essential part of disease prevention. At Balhara Internal Medicine Associates, we clearly understand that and that is why we offer a range of top notch diagnostic services that can in turn help to detect different types of health disorders.

There are many types of health disorders that are tested and evaluated here at Balhara Internal Medicine Associates. Our diagnostician and doctor make use of the latest medical infrastructure to detect the presence of such health disorders and can recommend effective ways to manage them. We also offer vaccinations for children and adults that can in turn prevent the development of different health problems.

One of the main spheres of our expertise is the early detection and prevention of different types of cancer conditions. At Balhara Internal Medicine Associates, we offer in-depth cancer screening services for colon cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer prostate cancer, and other types of cancers.

We also present a range of other diagnostic services, such as PPD Testing (Tuberculosis skin test) & various vaccinations.

So if you are thinking of visiting us for a medical checkup, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling us at (717) 261-2583.

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